🕑  105 min

Year: 2011

Genre: Comedy

Release date: March 18, 2011

Director: Beto Gómez

Cast: Miguel Rodarte, Jesús Ochoa, Joaquín Cosío, Gerardo Taracena, Isela Vega, Jaime Camil, Adal Ramones, Marius Biegai, Rodrigo Oviedo, Guillermo Quintanilla, Enoc Leaño.

Rated: B


“They can lose their lives, but not their style”


Life has taken Julian Pérez by the wrong path, but now the destiny will give this man the opportunity to find redemption when he is sent to the most dangerous and noble mission of all his life, a mission ordered by the only authority he still respects, his mom, Mrs. Elvira.

Julian must travel to an unknown land, known to many as Irak, to bring back home safe and salve his little brother, the infantry soldier Juan Pérez. With the promise made, Julian goes to his hometown Sinaloa where he will recruit an elite squad destined to accomplish the suicide journey: travel to Irak and save the private Pérez.