Poster Navidad SA

🕑 100 min

Year: 2008

Genre: Comedy

Release date: July 16, 2004

Director: Fernando Rovzar

Cast: Pedro Armendáriz Jr., Mauricio Barrientos, Héctor Martínez, Cecilia Ponce, Alejandra Ambrosi, Verónica Merchant, Eduardo España, Rocío Verdejo.

Rated: AA


“And to think that all this was accomplish by a fatty in a red suit”


Santa Claus must deal with the fact that the North Pole is disappearing. When the kids stop believing in Christmas, the North Pole starts melting down and Santa’s shop starts drowning.

In the journey to save Christmas, Santa must find a way to make the children believe again in the magic of Christmas by defeating Tito, an ambitious elf who’s planning to transform Christmas in a business by making it a capitalist company.