Seasons: 1 (+1 preproduction)

Chapters: 80

🕑 44 min /chapter

Year: 2017

Genre: Drama | Acción

Release date: March 7, 2017

Director: Fernando Rovzar, Alejandro Lozano, Álvaro Curiel, Rolando Ocampo, David Ruiz

Cast: Livia Brito,  Arap Bethke,  María Fernanda Yépes,  Alejandro Nones, Maria de la Fuente,  Veronica Montes,  Natasha Domínguez,  María Fernanda García, Mauricio Aspe,  Stephanie Salas,  Arturo Barba,  Tommy Vasquez,  Macarena Achaga, Juan Colucho,  Gerardo Murguía.

Entertainment network: Univisión, Televisa


“She never gave up her dreams”


This story is based in the testimony of Yolanda Cadena, a Mexican stewardess that at a very young age learnt to fly light aircrafts and helicopters, by making illegal flights carrying drugs and money. Her boyfriend John Lucio, a sharp drugdealer was the one that got her into the business, but when he felt betrayed by Yolanda, he plans its revenge and he hands her over to the Coronel Santamaria. But this will only be the start for her to become a fearless leader. And only with the help of the DEA agent: Dave Mejia, Yolanda will be able to find love, and redemption.