Poster KM31 2

🕑  105 min

Year: 2016

Genre: Horror

Release date: November 4, 2016

Director: Rigoberto Castañeda

Cast: Carlos Aragón, Iliana Fox, Adrià Collado, Verónica Merchant, Ítalo Londeros

Rated: B15


“Now it comes for your kids”


Seven years after being involve in the kilometer 31 incidents, the official Martín Ugalde must investigate a series of missing children at the surroundings of the avenues Río Mixcoac and Río Churubusco at Mexico City. In the meantime, he realizes that these have a very peculiar tie with the events of the km 31.

Along with Martín, a paranormal scientist; his son Tomas, a 7 year old boy who has the ability of séance; and Nuño, the Spanish man that killed its girlfriend Catalina 7 years ago; Ugalde will investigate the disappearing of the child of Mariana Fuentes Cotija who’s running for the presidency, this way he will discover the ghoulish story that may free centuries of evilness to our world.